Well-Being Index Solutions for Healthcare

Since its development and validation at Mayo Clinic over ten years ago, the Well-Being Index has been implemented by hundreds of leading healthcare organizations around the world to measure and support the well-being of medical professionals.

Used by 800+ Healthcare Organizations

Functionality focused on your specific needs

Our team of well-being experts have worked with all levels of healthcare leadership at a wide variety of organizations to develop customized solutions to meet their needs and Go Beyond Burnout.

  • National Health Systems
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Regional Health Groups
  • Independent Hospitals
  • Professional Associations
  • Small Groups
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentists

Support designed specifically for your group

In addition to your unique organizational needs, the needs of your staff change depending on their occupation, specialty, background, and more. That’s why the Well-Being Index is validated and available for 8 distinct populations, containing specific assessment questions, providing custom resources, and measuring well-being across 6 distinct dimensions of distress for each unique group.

Customized strategies to help reach your goals

In ten years helping implement the Well-Being Index to hundreds of thousands of medical professionals, we’ve learned that no two healthcare organizations are exactly alike. Each group is unique and requires specific strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the Well-Being Index, from custom communication plans, incentive packages, strategic rollout campaigns, and more. Our expert consultants are here to help you through it all.


Access The Demo Account - Try It For Yourself!

You will get instant access to the Well-Being Index demo account to test the software as different types of users. We will also send you a confirmation email with the link to the demo account for future access.

Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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