Well-Being Index Downloads

Download our free expert resources and see how thousands of organizations are measuring and supporting the well-being of their professionals.

A Path Forward:

The Link Between Professional Fulfillment & Workplace Burnout

Organizational Wellness Structure Roadmap

A visual structure to help organize your wellness teams.

Well-Being Index Overview PDF

A high-level look at the tool used by 1,000+ organizations.

6 Dimensions of Distress and Well-Being

What it means to Go Beyond Burnout and address distress.

Economic Cost of Burnout Guide

Explore the business case for investing in clinician well-being.

Combatting Clinician Suicide Guide

Reducing the likelihood of suicidal ideation among medical professionals.

Measuring the Consequences of Clinician Burnout

Burnout touches not only the lives of medical professionals.

From leading national health systems to independent hospitals, small groups, and associations, the Well-Being Index provides the data and tools needed to Go Beyond Burnout. View and download the Well-Being Index case studies below.


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