Well-Being Index

Go Beyond Burnout


Explore our intuitive admin dashboard, experience the functionalities of sample reports, and see how easy it is to input custom resources.
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Overview & Features

Get the insight you need to reduce the risk of distress and maximize your employees' wellness with the comprehensive tool invented by Mayo Clinic.
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After years of development at Mayo Clinic and multiple phases of peer review, the Well-Being Index is now validated and available
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Mobile App

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Well-Being Index Mobile App helps make assessing wellness part of your participants' routine.
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Get Started

Get started on your path to measure and support the well-being of your providers with the Well-Being Index!
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State of Well-Being 2021-2022

Looking for the latest well-being data and trends among healthcare workers? Download the free comprehensive report to explore the findings from over 165,000 assessments.

Your go-to report for well-being statistics in healthcare.

6 Dimensions of Distress & Well-Being

While there are surveys focus solely on burnout, many different dimensions of distress and well-being greatly impact an individual’s mental health. In order to get a holistic and accurate measurement of wellness, it is vital that we Go Beyond Burnout to address overall distress, not just one dimension.

This is why the Well-Being Index measures six dimensions of distress and well-being.