Well-Being Index Features

Tackle distress with data. Determine your baseline, provide support, and measure the results—all with the validated tool invented by Mayo Clinic.
"It is not possible to know how an organization—or any part of that organization—is performing without measurement of clinician well-being and burnout. Measurement is essential."
- National Academy of Medicine

Measure 6 dimensions.

While many surveys focus only on burnout, it is just one symptom of clinician distress. The Well-Being Index was developed to Go Beyond Burnout and measure 6 dimensions of distress and well-being, not just burnout.


Support your staff.

Get the feedback you need while helping your providers:

Measure their well-being in less than 1 minute

Unlike other surveys that are dozens of questions long, the Well-Being Index assessment contains 9 yes-or-no or slider scale questions.

Access customized resources

Participants are provided local and national resources based on their results to help improve their well-being.

Eliminate stigma and fear

The Well-Being Index is 100% anonymous, removing the fear of self-assessing and any implications of not scoring well.

Compare their results to peers’ and national averages

Participants get immediate feedback and can see how their well-being measures up across 6 dimensions.

Track their progress over time

The Well-Being Index is a lifelong tool that allows participants to reassess on an ongoing basis and track their progress over time.

Track organizational progress.

Get the data you need to identify the causes of distress, measure the effectiveness of your initiatives, and reduce distress and burnout.

Advanced reporting

Create custom reports of your organization’s de-identified aggregate data to see exactly what you need to.

National and internal benchmarking

Track how your institution’s wellness measures up with similar organizations and keep a pulse on the well-being across your various teams.

Data segmentation

Filter data by desired demographics, such as department, specialty, location and more.

Resource access reporting

See what resources your employees are using most and where they need help.

Get expert help along the way.

Don’t go it alone. Our team of wellness experts are here to help, always.

Expert support

From one-on-one training and communication coaching to resource planning and institutional wellness consulting, your dedicated support specialist will be with you every step of the way.

Discussion Board

Connect with administrators and wellness leaders from all over the world to trade ideas, share success stories, and have discussions on how to improve well-being among healthcare professionals.

Admin resources

Access email templates, communication plans, promotional materials, and other helpful resources for successfully implementing the Well-Being Index.