Dental Well-Being Index

Protecting the Mental Health of Dental Professionals

With one of the highest rates of distress in healthcare, strategic initiatives to promote the well-being of dental professionals are needed like never before. The Well-Being Index is your partner in protecting your providers.

It’s Time to Go Beyond Burnout

According to recent research focused on dental professional well-being, over 84% of dentists and 26% of dental auxiliaries have reported feelings of burnout. Furthermore, in a 2021 American Dental Association member survey, it was found that the percentage of dentists diagnosed with anxiety has more than tripled over the past two decades.

If left unaddressed, this distress and its consequences can put the health of patients and the lives of dental providers at risk. It’s clear that our dental professionals are in need of support. It’s time to go beyond dentist burnout and protect the well-being of this vital population.

Measure Dentist Well-Being

The Dental Well-Being Index is a validated self-assessment tool invented by Mayo Clinic that measures multiple dimensions of distress and well-being, including quality of life, fatigue, burnout, concern for a recent dental error, and intent to leave the current job.

Provide Support & Guide Evidence-Based Solutions

The interactive online tool allows dental professionals to anonymously measure their well-being in less than one minute, access custom resources, compare their scores to peers’ and national averages, and track their progress over time. The Dental Well-Being Index also allows organizations to collect the data needed to pinpoint the causes of distress and make meaningful changes to maximize the mental health of participants.

A Few Highlighted Features

100% Anonymous

Remove the fear of self-assessing and the implications of not scoring well. All data is stored in secure cloud servers and provided to administrators in a de-identified aggregate format.

9 Questions

Maximize participation with the online assessment that contains 9 simple yes/no or slider-scale questions and takes less than 1 minute to complete.


Guide wellness initiatives with data, not guesses. Get an accurate view of well-being and track the effectiveness of your wellness programming.

Advanced Reporting

Analyze your data with advanced segmenting, national and internal benchmarking, resource access reporting, participant feedback and more.

Customized Resources

Support participants with customized local and national resources to help them improve their well-being.

6 Dimensions, Not 1

Get a holistic view of well-being. The Dental Well-Being Index goes beyond burnout to measure 6 dimensions of distress and well-being.

Access The Demo Account - Try It For Yourself!

You will get instant access to the Well-Being Index demo account to test the software as different types of users. We will also send you a confirmation email with the link to the demo account for future access.

Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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