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Invented by Mayo Clinic

Over ten years ago, Mayo Clinic leadership set out to better support the well-being of their providers. The first step in this process was getting an accurate measurement of staff wellness. The commonly-used surveys, however, were too long, too cumbersome, and didn’t provide the functionality needed to adequately measure and support their clinicians’ well-being.

The few existing assessments were one-time surveys, contained dozens or even hundreds of questions, lacked anonymity, didn’t provide participant resources, lacked comprehensive reporting for administrators, or focused only on burnout (just one dimension of distress and well-being). To solve these problems, Mayo Clinic researchers invented and validated the Well-Being Index to:

  • Anonymously measure well-being in less than 1-minute
  • Predict risk of distress over 6 dimensions
  • Provide immediate resources to participants
  • Deliver comprehensive reporting to wellness leaders
  • Track individual and organizational progress over time

Since then, the Well-Being Index has been launched at over 800 organizations around the world and is used every day to help leaders support their staff and Go Beyond Burnout.



After years of development, a rigorous multi-step validation process, and multiple phases of peer review, the Well-Being Index was born. Explore the original research studies for each of the eight Well-Being Index versions and see how wellness experts at Mayo Clinic developed and validated the tool.

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Well-Being Index Validation Study Timeline

"The validity and widespread use of the product, the excellent customer support, the leadership strategy, and ongoing intelligence are exceptional. I see the Well-Being Index as a true business partner in our commitment to well-being among our healthcare professionals."
-Well-Being Program Coordinator

Well-Being Index Inventors

Meet the Co-Developers of the Well-Being Index.



Liselotte Dyrbye, MD, MHPE
Well-Being Index Co-Developer



Tait Shanafelt, MD
Well-Being Index Co-Developer


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