Physician Well-Being Index

Answer the Silent Call for Help

Governmental regulations are getting more strict. Organizations are changing systems and becoming more technical. Reimbursement policies are constantly changing. These—among other challenges—all add up to a volatile state of healthcare with negative impacts on medical professionals. The strain of current events has led to unprecedented cases of distress, career implications, and even physician suicide.

A New Approach to Physician Wellness

The Physician Well-Being Index launches a new approach to physician wellness. The first step in addressing physician distress and improving well-being is to measure the current state. Physicians tend to avoid reporting burnout and other dimensions of distress or even discussing well-being within the workplace due to the perceived stigma of failure, potential career repercussions, and other negative consequences. To counter this, the Physician Well-Being Index anonymously measures six dimensions of distress and well-being in just 9 questions and provides organizations with de-identified aggregate data to provide support to those most in need.

The Impact of Physician Distress

Physician distress is not only detrimental to physicians on a personal and professional level, but also to the entire institution. Burnout, severe fatigue, and poor work-life integration are just a few dimensions of distress that greatly impact physicians’ well-being. Distress often causes depression, decreased quality of life, substance abuse, and even personal harm among individuals. From an organizational standpoint, physician distress leads to decreased quality of patient care, increased risk of medical error, and high staff turnover.

Created by Physicians, for Physicians

Through years of research and a rigorous multi-step validation process, the Well-Being Index was invented by physicians at Mayo Clinic to accurately measure six dimensions of distress and well-being in just nine questions. Since then, the Well-Being Index has been validated by various publications and used by over 600 medical institutions and organizations worldwide.

A Few Highlighted Features

100% Anonymous

Removes the fear of implications: The Advanced practice Provider Well-Being Index is 100% anonymous.

Evaluate Effectiveness

A way to evaluate the effectiveness of wellness programs.

WBI Community

The WBI Community is available to connect admins from around the world and is full of resources to ensure success.

Extensive Reporting

Tracking and extensive reporting tools encourage self-awareness of well-being.

Completely Customizable

A set of completely customizable features for all of your organization's needs.

Valuable Resources

Provides instant access to valuable resources when physicians need them the most.

Access The Demo Account - Try It For Yourself!

You will get instant access to the Well-Being Index demo account to test the software as different types of users. We will also send you a confirmation email with the link to the demo account for future access.

Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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