John McMahon

Director of Client Experience

About John McMahon

As Director of Client Experience and a product specialist for the Well-Being Index, John has personally worked with over one hundred organizations to launch the tool to hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals. His expertise in healthcare employee well-being and wellness programming implementation has provided teams with the data and resources needed to Go Beyond Burnout.

Team member since: 2015
What is your role?

I work directly with our partner organizations customizing and setting up the Well-Being Index, advising during rollout, and leading our ongoing support efforts. I also work internally to take feedback from our organization admins and participants to help inform our efforts to improve the Well-Being Index. My role is ensuring that everyone who uses the Well-Being Index, whether an organization administrator or participant, gets the most benefit and value from their interaction.

Why are you passionate about improving professional well-being?

Well-being is one of the most important concerns for anyone, regardless of profession, role, or stage in life. If your health and well-being are suffering, you can’t be at your best in anything you are doing. We’re seeing the effects of that each day in high profile fields like healthcare and athletics, but it affects us all. Working with the Well-Being Index gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact every day on the well-being of people all over the world.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, movies, music, and spending time outdoors (hiking, homesteading, etc) with my family and friends.