October 5, 2023

VITAL WorkLife and the Well-Being Index Deliver Seamless Well-Being Experience to Help Healthcare Workforces with Stress and Burnout

VITAL WorkLife, a leading provider of physician well-being solutions, and the Well-Being Index, the revolutionary self-assessment tool invented by Mayo Clinic, today announced their solutions are integrated and customizable. This strategic collaboration heralds a new era of healthcare well-being by offering an end-to-end solution in risk identification and comprehensive resources to support individual and organizational well-being.

VITAL WorkLife and the Well-Being Index piloted their integrated solution with a large US-based healthcare provider in mid-2023 and are now making it available to our combined base of over 950 healthcare organizations.

VITAL WorkLife and the Well-Being Index have a shared mission—to help organizations and employees recognize and confront the challenges of distress before they become overwhelming.

By combining our strengths, healthcare organizations can now:

  • Integrate Comprehensive Solutions: Seamless integration of VITAL WorkLife and the Well-Being Index empowers healthcare organizations to measure care team well-being and deliver targeted, evidence-based support and resources to address a wide range of needs.
  • Customize Resources: Healthcare organizations can design and implement customized assessment questions and display well-being resources available to their workforce specific to each individual’s needs.
  • Access Ongoing Expert Support: Together, VITAL WorkLife and the Well-Being Index provide ongoing support from experienced clinician well-being consultants and coaches. This means that healthcare professionals and administrators have immediate access to the latest insights and resources available to them.

With this all-in-one well-being solution, healthcare organizations can establish a baseline and regularly monitor well-being to see how engagement with VITAL WorkLife solutions impact the well-being score. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in the pursuit of holistic well-being for healthcare professionals.

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About VITAL WorkLife

VITAL WorkLife is the leading mental health and well-being expert for healthcare organizations and their workforce. We’ve focused on healthcare since 2007, and today our innovative solutions are leading the way in helping physicians, nurses and entire care teams address professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help.

About the Well-Being Index

The Well-Being Index is the revolutionary self-assessment tool invented and validated by Mayo Clinic to measure and support medical professional well-being. We equip healthcare leaders invested in improving the well-being of their teams and colleagues with the most advanced data, support, and strategies to foster a workplace culture of wellness.

Well-Being Index Team

The Well-Being Index team is made up of thought leaders, healthcare associates, technology experts, and content creators dedicated to improving well-being by equipping organizations with the tools and data needed to Go Beyond Burnout.