September 2, 0202

The Well-Being Index Opposes and Condemns All Forms of Racism

Our mission to reduce distress and improve well-being goes beyond fighting to eliminate burnout. The objective of our work and the partnerships we have with so many engaged and committed healthcare professionals is to eradicate the systemic factors that negatively impact the health and safety of individuals. This includes the active dismantling of discrimination and marginalization.

Racism is a public health crisis that must be met with swift opposition and strategic action. We must work together to change conditions that contribute to health and social inequalities for patients and providers of color.

Change not only must be made in healthcare but in our society as a whole. We must answer the call for help and commit to meaningful and substantial change to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all.

Well-Being Index Team

The Well-Being Index team is made up of thought leaders, healthcare associates, technology experts, and content creators dedicated to improving well-being by equipping organizations with the tools and data needed to Go Beyond Burnout.