June 22, 2017

Mayo Clinic Licenses Well Being Index Software to CWS

Corporate Web Services, Inc. (CWS) announced today that they have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Mayo Clinic for their Physician Well-being Index, Medical Student Well Being Index and Resident Well Being Index software. The primary goal of the well-being index is to strategically measure and decrease the stress levels of physicians and medical students through proprietary analysis and research data.



The interactive version of the well-being index was developed in collaboration with CWS and is currently being utilized by Mayo Clinic physicians. The tool provides immediate real-time feedback of U.S. physicians and also provides an extensive array of strategies and support resources to help physiciansack to physicians that includes benchmarking of how their level of well-being compares to large national sample promote their own wellness. The interactive tool also allows physicians to track their experience over time using their anonymous account. The web-tool is designed to help health care organizations improve physician well-being by providing aggregate summary reports of the physicians at their center to help them understand how the experience of their physicians compares to physicians elsewhere and is changing over time.

“This license agreement is exciting because it brings the latest advances in physician wellness to other healthcare institutions and medical associations,” says Dr. Liselotte Dyrbye, M.D., a Mayo Clinic primary care physician, who co-invented the well-being index with Tait Shanafelt, M.D., a Mayo Clinic hemotologist. 

“Ultimately, this relationship will help Mayo Clinic expand its reach to support physicians and medical professionals who could benefit from this innovation,” says Dr. Dyrbye.

The web application software will be offered through CWS’ healthcare marketing division, MedEd Web Solutions. More information about the wellness index software can be found online at http://www.mededwebs.com.

Mayo Clinic, Dr. Dyrbye and Dr. Shanafelt have a financial interest in the product referenced in this news release.

Well-Being Index Team

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