State of Well-Being 2023-2024

A comprehensive report on the state of well-being among medical professionals in 2023, compiled by the Well-Being Index, the leading well-being solution for healthcare organizations.


Since its development and validation at Mayo Clinic over ten years ago, the Well-Being Index has helped thousands of healthcare organizations of all types implement the tactical framework and tools needed to maximize the well-being of their professionals.

Every day, healthcare leaders tasked with improving the mental health and well-being of their teams and colleagues turn to the Well-Being Index to get the most advanced data, support, and strategies to foster a workplace culture of wellness. For more information on the background and use-cases of the Well-Being Index, visit or click above to demo the Well-Being Index or schedule a time to meet with an expert.

This annual report is created to share the data gathered from over 79,000 Well-Being Index assessments taken in 2023, and is designed to be your go-to resource for well-being statistics among healthcare professionals.

The data analysis is organized by practice type, and can be navigated through with the ‘Reports by Practice’ dropdown above, or by clicking the button below. Thank you for exploring the 2023-2024 State of Well-Being Report.

Who Assessed?

The State of Well-Being 2023-2024 data comes from Well-Being Index assessments completed from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023. For some reports we compare the 2023 data to the previous year. Participants who completed these assessments come from a wide variety of healthcare organizations throughout the world.

79,022 assessments were collected in 2023

Number of Assessments By Occupation


Employee 20,475

Med Student




Resident & Fellow

Number of Assessments By Gender Identity

Gender Diverse

No Answer



Note: Some organizations do not offer the Gender Identity question

The State of Well-Being Analysis

The State of Well-Being Analysis includes 2 types of reports to indicate distress and well-being including Mean Distress Score and Well-Being Snapshot.

Mean Distress Score

Mean Distress score uses a single number to represent an entire group. This method won’t show nuance within a group, but can provide a quick indication if distress is increasing or decreasing as a whole among a group.

The Mean Distress Score scale is -2 to 9 for all groups except Medical Student & Resident / Fellow which is 0 to 7. The higher the number, the higher the indication of distress among the group.

Well-Being Snapshot

The Well-Being Snapshot stratifies assessment results across four categories: Distressed, Struggling, Okay, and Thriving. Based on individual Well-Being Index scores, the Snapshot shows the distribution of specific groups across the entire continuum between distressed and thriving at a specific moment in time.

Click here to learn more about how the Snapshot reporting is determined.


Well-Being Continuum Faces

Likelihood of Outcomes Grid

What To Look For

When working with organizations using the Well-Being Index our Success Team provides guidance on custom question selection in addition to the validated Well-Being Index questions. The goal is to select questions that will help understand which groups are distressed and what are the sources of distress. When analyzing reporting here’s what we look for and consider.

  • Is there a noticeable change from the previous time frame?
  • For roles that work together in a similar environment, what are possible factors for differences in well-being and distress?
  • Do these trends match or differ what you see at your organization?
  • What factors from a personal, work unit, organizational, and national level may have a positive or negative effect on well-being?
  • What interventions could be effective for reducing distress among each group?
  • What interventions implemented in 2023 were effective/impactful in improving well-being and reducing distress?
  • Are there other internal surveys at your organization that see similar trends when matching demographics, departments, etc.?

2024 State of Well-Being Reports By Practice

From leading national health systems to independent hospitals, small groups, and associations, the Well-Being Index provides the data and tools needed to Go Beyond Burnout. View and download the Well-Being Index case studies below.

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