PeerPulse Coaching Framework for Healthcare

Directed by Dr. Prasanna Tadi

Evidence-backed and adaptive clinician peer coaching program fully integrated with validated impact measurement. Promoting connection, community, and a culture of well-being.

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The PeerPulse Process

After launching the PeerPulse Coaching Framework with your team, interested clinicians engage in a six-session, individualized coaching plan directed by Dr. Prasanna Tadi, Stroke Fellowship Program Director at Geisinger and certified physician peer coach trained in the International Coaching Federation model.

  1. Initial needs assessment, baseline well-being measurement + action plan development
  2. Subsequent sessions reviewing daily strategies and commitment check-in
  3. Inventory of objectives met + review of change in validated well-being score

Validated Impact Measurement

To demonstrate trends in clinician well-being related to PeerPulse Coaching engagement, the framework integrates pre- and post-assessments using the Well-Being Index, a validated tool developed by Mayo Clinic.

Well-Being Index

About Dr. Prasanna Tadi

Dr. Tadi is a thought leader and certified professional coach trained in addressing clinician burnout through evidence-based interventional programs. In March 2019, Prasanna was accepted for AAN’s prestigious “Live Well Lead Well Program,” which recognizes 16 out of 34,000 total neurologists selected for their prior history of contribution and accomplishment in physician wellness advocacy. Before launching the PeerPulse Coaching Framework for Healthcare, Dr. Tadi pursued his mission of addressing and reducing burnout with the CHEER coaching program. He currently works with national organizations to promote physician wellness and decrease burnout.

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