February 11, 2021

Well-Being Index Updates: New Dentist Version & Other Tool Improvements

In this round of updates, the Well-Being Index announces an exciting partnership to create a new, validated version along with application changes to make assessing medical student and resident well-being easier and more accurate than ever before. Read on to learn more.

Measuring and Supporting Dentist Well-Being

As you may know, the Well-Being Index recently launched a Pharmacist version to address distress levels among pharmacists and further support mental health and well-being in healthcare. The Well-Being Index has also been working to develop and validate a dentist specific version of the tool with Heartland Dental, the largest dental support organization in the United States providing non-clinical, administrative services to 1,400 supported dentists across 37 states.

With the upcoming launch of the Dentist Well-Being Index, dental organizations and providers around the world will be able to use the validated tool invented by Mayo Clinic to measure and improve well-being among one of the most distressed healthcare populations. This exciting new version of the tool is a promising step forward in prioritizing dentist wellness and maximizing the mental health of those who provide vital medical services.

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New Settings for Year in School/Residency

Recent research show that medical students, residents, and fellows are facing increasing levels of distress that can carry over as they advance in their careers. Hundreds of academic medical centers and health systems utilize the Well-Being Index to measure this distress and provide much-needed resources.

Previously in the Well-Being Index tool, participants’ assessment periods began on the day they signed up to create an account. While the majority of individuals created accounts at the time specified by their organizations, many signed up at later times causing their automated reassessment date ranges to not line up with their peers. The Well-Being Index has now implemented an updated setting to allow organizations to set a specific date that participants move up to the next year in medical school or residency, keeping all participants in their correct year groupings. Rather than relying on sign-up dates to determine reassessment periods, they can now be manually set to a date specified by admins, helping to ensure that the anonymous data is reported with the highest accuracy with minimal work for participants.

Have an Update Request?

Do you have an idea for an update for the Well-Being Index software? Do you have a question about the new updates? Contact the Well-Being Index Support team through the support portal located in your admin account. A Well-Being Index Support team member will be happy to field your request or question and get back to you as soon as possible.

Well-Being Index Team

The Well-Being Index team is made up of thought leaders, healthcare associates, technology experts, and content creators dedicated to improving well-being by equipping organizations with the tools and data needed to Go Beyond Burnout.