January 17, 2022

Well-Being Index Application Updates | January 2022

The Well-Being Index Team is excited to announce the latest application updates to the tool. New features that have been implemented will help improve the administrator experience, streamline advanced data analysis, and help improve participation rates. Read on to learn more about what’s changed in this round of improvements.

Admin Account Management

Over the past months, several features have been added to the Well-Being Index to aid in administrator account management, including the introduction of the new Account Owner role. Organizational administrators can now work with their Well-Being Index support team to designate one individual admin as the Account Owner, allowing for better control of personnel management. The Account Owner will now be able to completely remove deactivated admins from your organization’s list of administrators. Previously, all inactive admin accounts remained in the tool following their deactivation. This new role designation improves the institution’s control of their account and better organizes administrator responsibilities.

In addition to the Account Owner role, organizations can designate specific Support Admins to directly receive feedback and support requests from participants. Participants will now have the option to select whether their feedback goes to the Well-Being Index support team or an administrator within the institution. Support Admins can also respond directly within the Well-Being Index, simplifying the communication process and improving participant support.

Process Improvement Question Tagging

It is now easier than ever before for administrators to automatically tag process improvement questions with a single demographic response, allowing for more advanced and streamlined analysis. For example, if a large organization has five separate locations within their system, administrators can now tag their process improvement question responses with the location that they came from to better filter the data and identify potential causes of employee distress.

Get in touch with your Well-Being Index support team through the admin portal to set up process improvement question auto-tagging.

Text Message Invites

Another exciting update to the Well-Being Index application is the introduction of text message invites to participants. Healthcare workers receive such a large volume of daily email communication that it is easy for an invitation via email to get lost. To allow for better invite deliverability and increased participation, organizations can now upload a list of employee phone numbers who have consented to receiving text message communication and send invites via text. From the text message invite, participants will be taken to the Well-Being Index app if they already have it downloaded or to the appropriate place to download and install the free app. The text message invite will also automatically apply the invitation code and direct participants to the organization’s specific signup page.

Have an Update Request?

Do you have an idea for the Well-Being Index software or have a question about the new updates? Contact our support team through the support portal located in your admin account and we will be happy to field your request or question!

Well-Being Index Team

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