September 2, 2020

Recent WBI Launches – Working Together to Go Beyond Burnout

The Well-Being Index team would like to take the opportunity to recognize the incredible organizations that have completed their successful launches of the WBI assessment this month! Congratulations to the Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA) and the Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC) for recently partnering with the Well-Being Index to assess and combat clinical distress and ensure their physicians’ well-being.

Going Beyond Burnout

EPPA and MIEC understand that clinician distress is a growing epidemic in the health care industry and are dedicated to prioritizing their physicians’ well-being. 

The Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), located in Bloomington, Minnesota, just up the road from the WBI Headquarters, teams more than 200 board-certified emergency physicians, family practice physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs) including physician assistants and nurse practitioners to provide expert emergency care throughout the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, and rural Minnesota. EPPA fosters a culture which supports individual growth both personally and professionally for its physicians and provides an innovative, stable, and supportive platform to practice acute care medicine as an independent group. 

Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC) is a Medical Professional Liability Insurer (MPLI) that is physician-owned, physician-driven, and physician-focused. As the west’s first truly physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, MIEC has always been guided by the desire to protect physicians and the practice of medicine. MIEC takes pride in its philosophy of putting policyholders first.

Both organizations understand the importance of taking care of physicians and are taking the necessary steps to prioritize the well-being of their providers.  EPPA and MIEC have chosen to go beyond burnout and measure well-being on several dimensions as part of their holistic wellness programs and initiatives. 

Partnering with the WBI

By partnering with the Well-Being Index, these organizations have joined hundreds of hospitals and institutions worldwide in taking the initiative to fight against distress. Their providers will now have the opportunity to anonymously track their well-being over time, compare their results to peers’ and national averages, provide feedback, and receive customized local and national resources.

We are excited to continue to work with EPPA and MIEC to foster well-being and reduce the negative consequences that come with distress. 

Well-Being Index Team

The Well-Being Index team is made up of thought leaders, healthcare associates, technology experts, and content creators dedicated to improving well-being by equipping organizations with the tools and data needed to Go Beyond Burnout.