Pharmacy Well-Being Index

It’s Time to Go Beyond Burnout

Recent research shows that over 60% of U.S. clinical pharmacists experience burnout. This distress is caused by a wide variety of systemic factors, including increased non-clinical duties, unachievable expectations, cumbersome technology, isolation, and others. Further research indicates that among health-system pharmacists surveyed, just 14.5% were aware of resources to help improve well-being at their organization.


Measure & Track Pharmacist Well-Being

The Pharmacist Well-Being Index is a validated self-assessment tool invented by Mayo Clinic that measures multiple dimensions of distress and well-being, including quality of life, fatigue, burnout, concern for a recent major medication error, and intent to leave the current job.

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Provide Support & Guide Evidence-Based Solutions

The interactive online tool allows pharmacists to anonymously measure their well-being in less than one minute, access custom resources, compare their scores to peers’ and national averages, and track their progress over time. The Pharmacist Well-Being Index also allows organizations to collect the data needed to pinpoint the causes of distress and make meaningful organizational change to maximize the mental health of participants.

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A Few Highlighted Features

100% Anonymous

Remove the fear of self-assessing and the implications of not scoring well. All data is stored in secure cloud servers and provided to administrators in a de-identified aggregate format.

Advanced Reporting

Analyze your data with advanced segmenting, national and internal benchmarking, resource access reporting, participant feedback and more.

9 Questions

Maximize participation with the online assessment that contains 9 simple yes/no or slider-scale questions and takes less than 1 minute to complete.

Customized Resources

Support participants with customized local and national resources to help them improve their well-being. 


Guide wellness initiatives with data, not guesses. Get an accurate view of pharmacist well-being and track the effectiveness of wellness programing.

6 Dimensions, Not 1

Get a holistic view of well-being. The Pharmacist Well-Being Index goes beyond burnout to measure 6 dimensions of distress and well-being.

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Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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