Maximize Staff Well-Being

Participant features

100% Anonymity

Remove the fear of self-assessing and the implications of not scoring well. All data is stored in secure cloud servers and provided to administrators in a de-identified aggregate format.

Assess in 1 minute

Unlike other surveys that are dozens of questions long, the Well-Being Index assessment contains 9 simple yes-or-no or slider scale questions and takes less than 1 minute to complete.

Customized resources

Participants gain access to local and national resources to help improve their well-being. Resource categories include Stress & Resiliency, Relationships & Work-Life Integration, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, and many more.

Track progress

The Well-Being Index is a lifelong tool that allows for continuous measurement of well-being. Participants can reassess on an ongoing basis and track their progress over time.

Compare results

Participants can see how their well-being measures up to peers’ and national averages.

Let’s chat

We’d love to set up a short meeting to discuss how the Well-Being Index can help you reduce the risk of distress, support your faculty, and maximize the well-being of your organization.


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Admin Features

Advanced reporting

Analyze your organization’s data with specialty and departmental segmenting, national and internal benchmarking, resource access reporting, participant feedback and more.

Expert support

The Well-Being Index support staff is dedicated to helping administrators successfully implement and use the tool. See your path to well-being to learn more about our unmatched support.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit comes complete with email templates, promotional materials, and expert advice for communicating your launch of the Well-Being Index.

Admin Discussion Board

Connect with administrators from all over the world to trade ideas, share success stories, and have discussions on how to improve well-being among healthcare professionals.


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