MacKenna Regenbogen

Well-Being Index Specialist

About MacKenna

Team member since: 2022

What is your role?

Fulfilling a hybrid role, I am able to collaborate with organizations and individuals all throughout their life cycle with the Well-Being Index. From engaging in the initial conversations all the way to navigating the dissemination of results produced by the tool, I am invested in supporting all in their wellness efforts. I am continually engaged in the pursuit of listening to and learning from our partners, to ensure our tool is constantly improving.

Why are you passionate about improving professional well-being?

Prioritizing well-being is essential in every facet of life, but especially in the workplace. As most people will spend at least a third of their day at work, improving professional well-being is critical. With a background in the field of applied behavioral psychology, I am dedicated to providing organizations with evidence-based solutions to successfully foster a functional environment for their employees. Aiding in the implementation of systemic changes to better the individual lives of people is incredibly rewarding.

What do you like to do in your free time?

For me, making the most of each moment may manifest as a walk outside, a weightlifting session, a page-turning book, a good movie, great music, some sudoko/puzzles, or a tub of Cold Stone ice cream. Above all, spending time with my friends and family adds the most value to my life.

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