Understand the well-being of your professionals and organization.

Get essential insights, strategies, and expert guidance to foster a workplace culture of wellness.
  • Uncover the drivers of employee distress
  • Discover the groups most in need of support
  • Develop and implement a data-backed action plan
  • Measure the effectiveness of your initiatives over time

The leading well-being solution for healthcare organizations.

See the full picture of your
professionals’ well-being

Go beyond burnout and get actionable insights into multiple dimensions of distress and well-being with the validated assessment invented by Mayo Clinic, offering a more complete view of your teams’ wellness.

Advanced Reporting
Gain advanced
wellness insights

Make informed decisions with real-time analytics and benchmarking designed to help you understand and improve the well-being of your teams.

User Experience
Provide a seamless
assessment experience

Give your team members a simple, straightforward way to keep a pulse on their well-being: anonymous 1-minute assessment, custom resources to promote wellness, ongoing progress tracking, and more.

More than and Assessment
Partner with a team of experienced organizational wellness experts

Adopt an evidence-based well-being framework guided by a dedicated team to put your insights into action.

Fulfill your moral obligation as a leader.

Recent studies stress the responsibility of managers to protect staff well-being by recognizing mental health issues and ensuring access to evidence-based support, highlighting that ethical leadership boosts job satisfaction and emotional commitment among clinicians.

“Running a successful healthcare organization is not only about the patient experience; it’s equally about taking care of your clinical workforce. An improved clinician experience is a critical component of the overall delivery of high-quality healthcare.”

-Dr. Keith Frey, Chief Medical Officer at CommonSpirit Health

Protect the financial well-being of your organization.

Not only is it an ethical responsibility to promote professional well-being, research also shows that the business case for organizational investment in clinician mental health support has never been greater. With the Well-Being Index, you can:

    • Measure the financial impact of clinician burnout
    • Guide appropriate investment to address the problem
    • Prove return on investment to secure buy-in from key stakeholders

“Improvement is possible, investment is justified, and return on investment is measurable. Addressing this issue is not only the organization’s ethical responsibility, it is also the fiscally responsible one.”

– Shanafelt T, Goh J, Sinsky C. “The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-Being”

Invest in your staff

Invented by Mayo Clinic, trusted by thousands.​

From small teams and individual departments to full institutions and entire health systems, the Well-Being Index is designed to help groups of any size understand and promote professional well-being.

– Over 700,000 assessments completed – 
– Used by 1,000+ healthcare organizations every day –
– Custom partner plans designed to meet your unique needs and goals –

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Go Beyond Burnout

Transforming the Approach to Well-Being.

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