Used by 1,000+ Healthcare Organizations

“We chose the Well-Being Index for its ease-of-use, comparative data, local and national resources, and valuable insight. Also, the Well-Being Index team is very responsive and always available to answer our questions. Our team will continue to recommend the Well-Being Index.”
Lisa MacLean, MD | Director of Physician Wellness at Henry Ford Health System

Distress is devastating.

More healthcare workers are experiencing burnout and distress than ever before, and the impact is significant:

  • Record-setting turnover rates and staff shortages
  • Increased likelihood of major medical error and malpractice lawsuits
  • Costs of nearly $6 billion per year
  • Even taking the lives of hundreds of clinicians who die of suicide related to work distress

Further research indicates that 40% of doctors with burnout say they lack resources. Our medical professionals feel unheard and unsupported. But this can change.

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The leading well-being solution.

After years of development and validation, the Well-Being Index was invented by Mayo Clinic to:

  • Anonymously measure well-being in less than 1-minute
  • Predict risk of distress over 6 dimensions
  • Provide immediate resources to participants
  • Deliver comprehensive reporting to wellness leaders
  • Track individual and organizational progress over time

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“The ability for participants to reassess on a continuous basis has been critical. We don’t want just one number; we want to see improvements over time. We need to know that we are having an impact, and we need our participants to feel heard not once, but again and again.”
Keith Frey, MD, MBA | Chief Medical Officer, CommonSpirit Health Arizona Division

Used by 1,000+ healthcare organizations.

Every day, hundreds of hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and associations use the Well-Being Index to measure clinician well-being, provide resources, and mitigate the devastating consequences of distress.

“You can’t fix what you don’t measure. In this resource-constrained world that we live in, if you don’t have a baseline for what’s going on it’s really hard to know if the resources you’re applying to the problem are effective.”
Dr. Lisa Bellini, Senior Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at Perelman School of Medicine
“Not only does the tool assess the levels of well-being, but it provides resources for our staff who may be dealing with stress in several aspects of their professional and personal lives.”
Dr. Keith Frey, CMO of CommonSpirit Health Arizona Division
“It became obvious that we have to measure well-being. When we were looking at the different options for measurement tools, the Well-Being Index stood out because it’s short and sweet.”
Dr. Wendy Laine, Director of Wellness at Emergency Physician Professional Association
“You need data to be able to present to leadership. The step that allowed me to get buy-in was measuring where we were at. To do that, we use the Well-Being Index.”
Dr. Lisa MacLean, Director of Physician Wellness, Henry Ford Health System
“I realized there wasn’t going to be buy-in unless we could create an imperative based on data, so we started looking for measurement tools. We decided on the Well-Being Index because it’s easier to use than other tools and physicians have access to resources at the end of the survey.”
Dr. Klaus Kjaer, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at Weill Cornell Medicine
“I realized I needed to find a tool to measure the impact of our initiatives, and it needed to be validated and evidence-based. I reached out to the Well-Being Index and worked with them to offer it to our clinicians.”
Lori Ortman, Chief CRNA at Envision Physician Services

Clinically validated.

Invented by Mayo Clinic, the Well-Being Index went through a rigorous multi-step validation process followed by multiple phases of peer review.


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